Transolar Galactica

Transolar Galactica is an award winning, visual effects driven, sci-fi comedy web series that pokes fun at film tropes in Science Fiction cinema, ranging from Star Trek and Star Wars to Firefly and Battlestar Galactica.

Client: Transolar Galactica
Role: Series Creator / Producer / Distributer / Post-Production

“A funny scifi series unlike any you’ve seen before.” —

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Transolar is a series that deconstructs the sci-fi genre while at the same time creating fascinating characters, constructing a fully developed and unique universe, and telling an engaging and humorous story that appeals to an audience beyond just the average sci-fi lover.

The story of Transolar centers on the comically inept Captain Remmington Trigger and his misfit crew as they stumble through the galaxy in search of adventure aboard the Star Ship Transolar. In each episode of the series the crew runs into various dangers of the Universe and handles it in the worst way possible, and hilarity ensues.

Beyond that, Transolar Galactica is a high-quality video production, written, created, designed, and produced completely in Spokane, Washington.

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