The 50 Hour Slam

A timed filmmaking competition in Spokane, WA

Client: 50 Hour Slam
Role: Founder / Production / Post-Production

“Can you survive 50 hours?” — 50 Hour Slam

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The 50 Hour Slam is an annual film competition and festival open to all filmmakers in the Spokane and Coeur d’Alene area.  It’s creators and organizers- Vexing Media, Purple Crayon Pictures, Kinetic Energy Productions, and Adam Boyd – designed the festival as a way to encourage new and emerging independent artists as well as to challenge the more established filmmakers of the region.

The filmmakers will have exactly 50 hours to complete a 3 to 6 minute movie; starting from the writing and development process all the way to the final editing stage. The competitors will be encouraged to experiment and push their talents to create a unique and entertaining piece for their entry.

This short is a brief look at the “KickOff Event” held in 2015, as well as a look at how the filmmakers complete their films over the course of only 50 hours!

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