The Bartlett

An all ages music venue.

Client: The Bartlett
Role: Production / Cinematography / Post Production

“Dedicated to bringing in some of the nation’s top up & coming touring artists.” — The Bartlett

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At the beginning of 2014 The Bartlett, a new music/arts venue, opened up in Spokane, WA. 6 months later, the music scene within the city has transformed, and it has only just begun.

This video documents the process of how The Bartlett came to be and explores what the venue aims to do for the music and arts scene in the Spokane region. For more information about The Bartlett, visit:

Featured Music:

“Coat of Many Colors” by The Marshall McLean Band //
“Mother’s Medicine” by Terrible Buttons //
“Lovers” by Dead Serious Lovers //
“Songbird’s Tune” by Cathedral Pearls //
“New Year” by Water Monster //

This video was produced by Kinetic Energy as part of our mission to continually help the Spokane independent arts and entrepreneurial community thrive.

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