Riverfront Park Master Plan

Client: Spokane Riverfront Park
Role: Story / Production / Cinematography / Post-Production

“This park is situated in a place and time that has been here before people, here now with people, and i suspect it will be here after people.” — Raymond Reyes

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The video above takes a look at Spokane’s Riverfront Park from the ’74 Expo to where it stands now in Spokane’s community. The video below is 1 of 5 “QR Code” videos located in notable locations around the park itself, this one featuring the Sky Ride Gondola.

These videos are part of a series produced for the 2014 Riverfront Park Master Plan to not only feature some of the most notable and cherished sites within Riverfront Park, but also to help gather public feedback about these sites for the Master Plan process.

For more information about the Riverfront Park Master Plan, visit: riverfrontparkmasterplan.org

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