Transolar: 2016 Trailer

New year, new episodes, new content! Gear up Legion — Starting January 19th, Transolar is back! Every Tuesday look for new episodes of: The Origin Series, The On Screen Series, The On the Road Series, The Nano Episodes, Project Psyphon, and other Misc. vids along the way!

Season 1: Episode I - Second Star

In deep space one man flies alone... with his crew. Witness adventure, feel excitement, taste destiny, blast off, and hang on... It's Transolar Galactica.

Season 1: Episode II - Beam Them Aboard

When an emergency falls upon the scout party lost on Canyon World: VI, only Petty Officer McCall has the power to save them...

Season 1: Episode III - The Will to Live

When Samson, the Communications Officer of the S.S. Transolar, is injured, the crew has to decide what is to be done to "save" him...

Season 1: Episode IV - The Invasion

When mind slugs invade a human colony on planet Lazariz, only Trigger and his crew can save them.

Season 1: Episode V - Peace Negotiations

When the fate of Planet Locus hangs in the balance, only Trigger can negotiate peace with his nemesis, Locus Arrarus.

Season 1: Episode VI - Release the COBRAs

Yasaki's skills and patience are put to the test when he's forced to train the crew how to survive a dogfight in space.

Season 1: Episode VII - Edge of the Universe

The Senator is taken captive by Arrarus and only Trigger can save her...

Season 1: Episode VIII - Ominous

A mysterious passenger brings unspeakable horror aboard the S.S. Transolar and only Trigger and Yasaki can reluctantly save her. Meanwhile, Reggie faces a "ghost" from his past and Samson begins to unlock his true potential...

Season 1: Episode IX - Slow Day

The crew's day off is interrupted when the AI on board goes rogue...

Season 1: Episode X - Everything That Ever Mattered

The thrilling conclusion of the first season of Transolar Galactica! History is revealed, lives are sacrificed, and the fate of everything changes when Trigger finally confronts Locus Arrarus.

The Nano Episodes - Trailer

Discover some of those missing "scenarios" of the Transolar crew in the upcoming "Nano Episodes"! Also, see what happens when Transolar madness violently collides with some of our fans craziest thoughts -- the result is something entirely unique and undoubtedly Transolar.

Robot Rundown - A Transolar Galactica Game - Launch Trailer

Buy it now at: http://bit.ly/robotrundownapp Slice your enemies! Slide through Space! Save your skin! She's no ordinary robot!

The Crew


Remmington Trigger



Charlie Yasaki



Reginald Murdock

Security Officer



Communications Officer

About the Show

Transolar Galactica is an award winning, visual effects driven, sci-fi comedy web series that pokes fun at film tropes in Science Fiction cinema, ranging from Star Trek and Star Wars to Firefly and Battlestar Galactica. Transolar is a series that deconstructs the sci-fi genre while at the same time creating fascinating characters, constructing a fully developed and unique universe, and telling an engaging and humorous story that appeals to an audience beyond just the average sci-fi lover.

The story of Transolar centers on the comically inept Captain Remmington Trigger and his misfit crew as they stumble through the galaxy in search of adventure aboard the Star Ship Transolar. In each episode of the series the crew runs into various dangers of the Universe and handles it in the worst way possible, and hilarity ensues.

Beyond that, Transolar Galactica is a high-quality video production, written, created, designed, and produced completely in Spokane, Washington.


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