Production Services

Whether filming on aircraft carriers, documenting history in Haiti,  or exploring Spokane, we provide world class production services.

Visual Storytelling

With years of experience and hundreds of projects under out belts, we take pride in bringing our clients stories to life.

Award Winning Work

With accolades from the Emmy’s, New York Festivals, and many more, our work noticeably stands out above the rest.

We tell stories

Kinetic Energy is not your normal production company. Our years of experience in the fast paced and grueling worlds of the commercial and film industries have taught us one thing: A good story makes all the difference.
We can help you create incredible visual masterpieces, with dazzlingly cinematography, solid editing, and beautiful visuals, but our foundation has always remained the same — we tell stories. At the core of every project is an idea we want to set free, a narrative that deserves to be seen, and we’re here to help you bring that story to your audience.

Latest News

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On Set: The Execution

On Set, Project

Kinetic Energy teams up with author Sharon Cramer to bring The Execution to life! Check out some behind the scenes photos and see how […]

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On Set: Sins of the Father

On Set, Project

Take an exclusive look behind the scenes of the Transolar Origin Episode: Sins of the Father. Thanks to an amazing cast and […]

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Website Update!

Project, Website

We’re finally doing it! After years of working on projects, traveling around the world, and generally kicking a**, we finally […]